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These mobile-motorised trailers/carts are the best solution for the space use in shipyards and marinas because they allow placing the boats, providing the secure contact between them which is impossible for travelift and is rather difficult and dangerous to the traditional truck cranes.


The principle of operation is simple: this trailers/carts is made in a special form of the letter U, it is placed under the boat in its down position, and after the contact of its hull with the cart supports it lifts and loads a boat, it can be put at the desired storage place, without the use of travelift or truck crane.
All trailers/carts are manufactured in accordance with EEC Directive 89/392 and come with two control systems: the first is fixed on the control panel, and the second - with the radio control panel.
Radio control: it is used it to perform all maneuvers, allowing only one operator to move boats without the help of the other staff.
All trailers/carts are equipped with independent front and rear pivoting structures, which allows the optimal space use inside the in/out storage space.



capacities 12 Ton. ÷ 800 Ton.

models : MBT - MBTE - MBTO - MBTS

models : TBT - TBTO

models : KT - KTO

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After-sale Service

ASCOM Service is a service that quickly finds the necessary decision to meet the customers' requirements; it is ready for work, fast in operation and can often resolve issues by the means of a simple phone call.
ASCOM Service is a fully manufacture-independent structure which guarantees the optimal after-sale service; the structure consists of fifteen specialized workers and coordinators who provide technical support and maintenance of ASCOM lifting or ABI transporting equipment.