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Ascom Spa

ASCOM S.p.A. was founded in 1972 and is the holder ISO 9001/2010 Quality System certificate which guarantees the high quality of standard products.
The Company is specialized in development and manufacture of equipment for lifting and transportation for nautical branch.

The products includes :
  • ВНТ travelift and ATS Amphibian travelift with different hoisting capacity from 25 to 1200 tons,

  • Ascomino is a small tug electro-hydraulic (battery) that is controlled by a radio control. Intended mainly for the movement of boats on special metal structures within warehouses, showrooms, etc...,

  • the company recently decided to start production of a wide range of specialized forklifts for boats, which undoubtedly are the fastest and most cost-effective system of boats dry storage, allowing the efficient use of the available land space and a significant marina management optimization.

Travelift - Boat Hoist

capacities 25 Ton. ÷ 130 Ton.
models - 25 BHT/ATS - 40 BHT/ATS - 50 BHT/ATS - 75 BHT/ATS - 100 BHT/ATS - 130 BHT/ATS

capacities 160 Ton. ÷ 400 Ton.
models - 160 BHT/ATS - 200 BHT/ATS - 250 BHT/ATS - 300 BHT/ATS - 350 BHT/ATS - 400 BHT/ATS

capacities 500 Ton. ÷ 1200 Ton.
models - 500 BHT/ATS - 600 BHT/ATS - 250 BHT/ATS - 700 BHT/ATS - 800 BHT/ATS - 1000 BHT/ATS - 1200 BHT/ATS


capacities 9 Ton.
models - FORKLIFT 9


capacities 20 Ton. 30 Ton.
models - ASCOMINO 20 - ASCOMINO 30

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Travelift ATS Ascom Travelift BHT Ascom Travelift ATS Ascom Travelift ATS Ascom

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After-sale Service

ASCOM Service is a service that quickly finds the necessary decision to meet the customers' requirements; it is ready for work, fast in operation and can often resolve issues by the means of a simple phone call.
ASCOM Service is a fully manufacture-independent structure which guarantees the optimal after-sale service; the structure consists of fifteen specialized workers and coordinators who provide technical support and maintenance of ASCOM lifting or ABI transporting equipment.