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DRBSS ( Dry Rack Boats Storage System )

Racks for storing motor boats – DRBSS System ( Dry Rack Boats Storage System ) – are designed for marinas, small ports and dry marinas.
In this manner, dry storage of boats is increased and greater capacity and storing larger number of boats are enabled.
Marines that have racks for boat storage, i.e. DRBSS system, have established that this storage system is not only an additional and excellent source of income, but also that there are no maintenance expenses.
A significant saving for the boat owner should also be pointed out, amounting even 60% of the expenses for the berth in water.
DRBSS system is designed in a manner that racks are stacked like “LEGO cubes”.
It is customized for all conditions, from supporting the load of the vessel to different weather conditions. In case of need for the additional storage capacity, additional racks increase the possibility and the number of vessels for storage, without any modifications. They are simply piled in all directions.
Each rack, so-called module, can carry 4 to 6 vessels.
Racks can also be customized and piled in closed premises, i.e. a larger hall. The possibility for piling racks in closed premises is of course limited.
Each rack – module has lateral supports for storing vessels. They can be adjusted and customized for the profile of the vessel’s hull.
There are rubber profiles (protections) at these supports for protection of vessel’s hull from damage. The rubber profiles are made by a special procedure; therefore, they leave no traces at the vessel’s hull.
DBRSS system is designed and made in compliance with all European norms regarding the quality, health and safety, having the CE Certificate.
This system is made of hot galvanized steel, therefore it is durable in all weather conditions, as well as salinity in the ambient of marines and small ports.
DRBSS system is equipped with all necessary parts and connections, as well as with installation manual.
Therefore, it is possible for marine personnel to attach and place the racks without additional help, simply and quickly. After positioning the base of embedding, racks can be placed and assembled within a short period – one to two days, depending on the number and quantity of racks.

Technical characteristics of DRBSS system:

  • Each rack – module contains 4 – 6 places;
  • Rack – module consists of two parts for placing 2 or 3 vessels;
  • Each part of the rack – module can bear the load of 7,2 tons;
  • Total length 12,24 m;
  • Total depth 6,0 m;
  • Total height 3,23 m;
  • Weight of rack – module 2,000 kg;
  • Racks – modules can be piled one on another, four (4) racks – modules at the most (up to (4) floors). Possibility for storage 16 to 20 vessels.
There is a possibility of roof mounting, as an option.