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MMVP ( Mobile Marine Vacuum Pump )

Suction of wastewater from vessels, so-called MMVP ( Mobile Marine Vacuum Pumps ) is performed by a mobile vacuum pump (underpressure pump) in a simple, quick and professional manner. It is designed for marines, small ports and shipyards, as well as for dry marines, facing the everlasting problem of suctioning wastewater from vessels.

LIMIT PLUS Ltd. is making and offering a mobile vacuum pump that is the only one in the world completely made of stainless steel ( INOX AISI 316 ). This eliminates the possibility of corrosion due to salinity.
Wastewater suction is based on vacuum technology (underpressure) and the tank volume is 350 or 500 liters.

The mode of operation is very simple; wastewater is sucked directly to MMVP tank by underpressure (vacuum).
Discharging of wastewater from the MMVP tank is performed on basis of the pressure intentionally accumulated for discharging wastewater to sewage or into the cesspit.

Such the system of suctioning and discharging wastewater provides that both operations are performed without the transit of wastewater through the pump, but directly to the tank, i.e. from the tank.

This surely provides an advantage for the reliability and durability of the pump.
Therefore, there are no maintenance expenses.

In this way, the MMVP is a unique and top product regarding its simplicity and functionality, so it can be considered as the number 1 in the division of mobile units for discharging wastewater from vessels.

The trailer of the MMVP unit is equipped with a mechanical braking system on front wheels for safety reasons, which provides stopping of the unit at any moment, especially when discharging at marine docks, i.e. during discharging.
Braking is performing by lifting the movable tongue.

The tongue also has the possibility of vertical and horizontal moving, which is very important in case of towing over rough terrain.
For control purpose, the MMVP unit is equipped with an external manometer for monitoring of underpressure in the tank. It also has a small, glass window for visual control of the level of wastewater in the tank, as well as a safety valve that prevents overfilling.

Technical characteristics:

  • Tank of unit made of stainless steel AISI 316,
  • 350 or 500 liters volume of tank,
  • Trolley also made of stainless steel AISI 316, as well as bearings,
  • Length of flexible pipe is 7 m,
  • Diameter of flexible pipe is 40 mm,
  • Power of vacuum pump is 0,55 kW (220 V),
  • Pump capacity 16 m3/h,
  • Operating underpressure – 0.6 bars,
  • Brakes on front wheels,
  • Weight of empty MMVP unit is 311 kg.

Optional equipment:

  • Hard PVC cover
  • Electrical vehicle ALWAYZ with built-in hitch ball for towing MMVP unit.

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