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Tallykey Spa

TallyKey develops and produces pedestals for electricity and water supply, implements solutions for metering, control of access to the structures and services payment.

Our main customers are represented by tourist ports and camping sites all over the world. Our research departments continue to develop the new products with the use of the latest technologies which allows us to find solutions for all customers.

All TallyKey pedestals are manufactured from anodized aluminum that can withstand any weather conditions.
Screws, bolts and shafts are manufactured from stainless steel and are resistant to acids. Lamps are protected arched covers and plastic cages.

The products are made from the best materials, which ensure its durability for at least 15-20 years, minimizing the maintenance.
The first TallyKey pedestals were installed in 1994 and continue their perfect operation, fully meeting the customers' requirements.

Pedestals types

  • TallyKey T1

    Supply at the optimal market price
  • TallyKey T4

    Simple, stable and multi-functional
  • TallyKey T6

    The highest design stake with numerous
  • TallyKey T8

    Elegant pedestal for supply of super - mega yachts

Remote control/data collection

- Tallybee is the market's most reliable and user-friendly system for remote consumption reading.

Software for management

- Tallymaster+ is the software for management of tourist ports, marinas and campings.

Management Software

- Tallymanager harbour, camping and marina management software.

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